Support 4 Teachers Launches In-Home Autism Behavioral Service

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Serving Children and Youth With Autism Throughout Northeast Ohio

When You Need Help, You Need It NOW!

Whether it is aggression, disruption, inattentiveness, disrespect, impulsivity or other behavior problems, teachers and parents who work with children with autism need expert behavioral consultation to help develop effective programs and efficient behavior management strategies to remediate these problems. Support 4 Teachers & Families gives you the tools you need to solve problems and help your children and students succeed.

Support 4 Teachers & FamiliesI NEED HELP!

“I have a child with high functioning autism in my classroom. He refuses to do work. I give him consequences, but he just doesn’t seem to care if I take things away. I’ve used my behavior management tricks, but nothing seems to work.”
What do I do?



“My son has high functioning autism. The teachers don’t seem to be able to get him to do anything. They keep calling me asking me what I do for behavior management at home. I don’t have an answer for them.”
What do I do?

kid_orange_hI NEED HELP!

“They say I have autism. When I’m in school everything is too loud. All I want is get away from there. The teacher keeps talking and I just want to shut the world out. But mom gets mad when I get home because I the teacher called again.”
What do I do?


We are here to help you.

We serve children and young adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder AND who display significant behavior problems that prevent them from being successful in school, in their homes and in their communities. Typical behavior management strategies and intervention plans proposed by professionals in the past have not worked for our clients. Often these “behavior programs” have been too complicated for teachers and parents to follow. In other cases, plans have been designed by “outside experts” unfamiliar with the culture of a school community or who failed to consider what’s realistic. To expect a parent with other children or a teacher responsible for 5 to 25 other students to follow a very detailed, extremely structured plan consistently just isn’t realistic.

We are teachers who know the demands placed on our educational professionals these days. We are also parents who have experienced our own child rearing challenges. When we work with parents and teachers to design behavior management interventions, we keep the following three elements in mind:

  1. Plans need to be easy to implement.
  2. Plans need to be flexible.
  3. Plans need to be successful immediately.

Services to families include:

  • Behavior management strategies and intervention.
  • Home instruction and tutoring.
  • Transition support from school to adult living.
  • Community integration support.

Services to schools include:

  • Classroom Behavior Management.
  • Intervention Behavior consultation.
  • Teacher professional development.
  • Functional Behavior Assessment.
  • Behavior Intervention Planning and Implementation.
  • Transition to Adult Services.

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Our staff of educators and mental health professionals provides superior autism behavioral consultation services to support teachers and parents therefore, “making the hardest job in the world a little bit easier.” For further information about Support 4 Teachers & Families, Inc. consultation services please call 216-385-3421.