Improving Education, Family Life through Meaningful Support

The professional staff of Support 4 Teachers & Families Inc. is comprised of instructors from the field of special education, autism-centric advocates, crisis intervention specialists, licensed social workers and certified behavioral counselors, who bring their decades of expertise improving the lives and learning abilities of those with moderate to intense educational and emotional needs.

Many are retired from full careers as teachers themselves, from preschool to the university level, and perform teacher trainings that share a wealth of experience for meaningful professional development. Others are former administrators, who ran behavioral intervention programs all across Northeast Ohio. In all, the highly skilled and qualified behavioral, educational and therapy professionals that make up Support 4 Teachers & Families, Inc. are able to provide a full range of consultant services for children and young adults.

Our organization is proud to serve children and families, school districts and individual teachers in addressing the myriad challenges associated with cognitive and behavioral issues as they relate to education. Simply put, we’re here to help—in the school setting aiming to improve classroom behavior and a child’s ability to participate fully, and at home, where our experts can set and implement tangible goals to develop the necessary life skills to learn, work and succeed in the world.

To learn more about our caring and knowledgeable staff, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 216-385-3421.