Support 4 Teachers Launches In-Home Autism Behavioral Service


Support 4 Teachers Launches In-Home Autism Behavioral Service

For Immediate Release
Contact: Ann Stemen & Jennifer Kostik
(440) 471-7911

Westlake, OH –¬†Bridging the experience, dedication and professional expertise that has made Support 4 Teachers a success in school districts across Ohio, the company is pleased to introduce our newest venture, Support 4 Families.

Providing private, home-based instruction and behavior support, Support 4 Families now helps families in the home setting to develop simple and effective strategies that are designed to increase their family member’s success both at home and in the community.

“We are excited about our ability to make a difference in the lives of many people with the problems associated with autism by extending the behavioral principles and the care-centered approach of Support 4 Teachers into the realm of family and community life,” notes CEO and Founder Terri Johnston, Ph.D. “Now parents and caregivers can receive the help and support they need in order to communicate more effectively with their loved ones who face serious behavior challenges.”

To facilitate this expansion, several additional licensed professional staff are joining our team. With a focus on creating the ultimate level of independence possible, our experts work with young adults to increase personal management in the areas of daily living skills, participation in community activities and work, using public transportation, and inclusion in family events. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Ann Stemen or Jennifer Kostik in our offices at (440) 471-7911.